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Embrace the timeless charm and generous spirit of Cambodia on this Hidden Journey through ancient lost capitals, remote rural villages and extraordinary natural wonders, peeling back the layers of centuries-old culture and heritage through beautiful choreographed performances and traditional cooking customs and superstitions. 


What's Included-

  • City Tour of Phnom Penh and walking tour of Siem Reap Old Town

  • Visit Wat Phnom, the Royal Palace, Cheung Ek Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat, Terrace of the Elephants, Ta Prohm, and Banteay Srei



Pricing starts at $1434 per person based on double occupancy.  Airfare and visas are not included.  Land only and multiple dates are available for 2018. 



Tour prices are land only. All tour specials are subject to availability and rates are subject to change. Travel insurance is highly recommended. Not responsible for publishing/printing errors. Additional taxes, surcharges, and luggage fees may apply.


DAY 1 - ARRIVE PHNOM PENH (2 NIGHTS)A riot of colours, smells and swarm of scooters on Phnom Penh's busy streets signal the start of our HiddenJourney - an Indochina gateway to the spiritual heart of Cambodia. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel and thisevening meet your Travel Director and fellow adventurers for a Welcome Reception with drinks and appetizers.HOTEL Sokha Phnom PenhMEALS Welcome Reception 


DAY 2 - PHNOM PENH SIGHTSEEINGExotic flavoursare yours to explore this morning on an in-depth City Tour with a Local Specialist which beginswith a visit to Wat Phnom temple from which the city takes its name. Delve into the legend of Lady Penh whodiscovered the four statues of Buddha deposited on this tree-covered hill. The golden spires of the RoyalPalace and Silver Pagoda with its bountiful national treasures are our next stop on this exploration ofCambodia's capital, which includes a visit to the National Museum, where we gain a unique insight into Khmerart and sculptures from differentperiods throughout Khmer history. Delving deep into the turbulent, terrifying history of the Khmer Rouge years, we travel along a dusty road to the outskirts of the city to visit the formerschool turned torture, interrogation and execution centre of Tuol Sleng. The history of that time is depicted inthe thousands of S-21 portraits of victims that are on display at the Museum of Genocide, providing an insightinto the horrors of Cambodia under Pol Pot's rule. Our journey back in time continues on to the Cheung EkKilling Fields, a memorial built to commemorate the 17,000 victims who died under the reign of the KhmerRouge. Spend the evening at leisure.MEALS BuffetBreakfast 


DAY 3 - PHNOM PENH - SIEM REAP (4 NIGHTS)A leisurely start to your morning gives you an opportunity to soak up the sights and sounds of the city beforetransferring to the airport for your nightto Siem Reap, the gateway to the magnificenttemples of the lost cityof Angkor. Spend the afternoon exploring Siem Reap's busy streets on a walking tour, including a visit to thelabyrinthine Old Market where the locals spend their early mornings shopping for fresh fruit, vegetables andspices. Wander past the busy stalls and see authentic Khmer soups and freshly baked baguettes, a remnant ofthe country's French heritage. Tonight, we watch enthralled by the energy, emotion and enthusiasm of thetalented Phare performers who use theatre, music, dance and modern circus arts to tell uniquely Cambodianstories.HOTEL Le MeridienMEALS BuffetBreakfast 


DAY 4 - ANGKOR WAT AND SIEM REAP SIGHTSEEINGVenturing deep into the Cambodian jungle and through a pyramid-shaped gateway into an ancient world,serene stone faces watch over us as we cross the stone causeway suspended over a moat into the spiritualheart of the ancient lost city of Angkor. Enjoy a rare opportunity to gain in-depth insight into the fascinatingancient empire of the Khmer, as we join a renowned scholar and Local Specialist who will bring to life thestories behind the intricate carvings and murals of celestial nymphs and mythical serpents along theabandoned hallways of Angkor Wat. We leave the mystical lotus-shaped temple towers behind us for yourchoice of activities, visiting the National Museum to explore the history, art and culture of the Khmercivilisation, with collections dating as far back as the 9th century, or learning about the delicate traditions ofsilk making at a local silk farm. Return to the hotel for an afternoon at leisure or join an Optional Experience.MEALS BuetBreakfast 


DAY 5 - ANGKOR AND SIEM REAPOur intimate encounter with a lost empire continues today, as we uncover other iconic sites of the ancientabandoned city of Angkor that have been devoured by the Cambodian jungle. We explore its ancient ruins inthe company of saron-cladmonks and mischievous monkeys that clamber up and over the roots of centuries oldtrees that have carved their way deep into the Great City's walls. We begin our day with a visit to thefortiedAngkor Thom, seeing such iconic sites as the Terrace of Elephants, the Royal Enclosure and the Templeof Bayon with its giant smiling faces of Buddha that have watched over the heart of the lost city for centuries.We venture underneath the dense tree canopy to the crumbling, moss-covered ruins of the Buddhist temple ofTa Prohm, which featured as the location for the lm'Tomb Raider', exploring its towers courtyards andcorridors to uncover the intricate stone reliefs that are shielded by the surrounding foliage. The fresh flavoursof Khmer cuisine are explored during a Cultural Insight cooking class in Siem Reap, where we amble throughthe vibrant local market and learn about cooking customs, ingredients and food superstitions, before joining alocal chef at his restaurant to learn how to craft and cook various peppery Khmer specialties. After the class,share your creation with your travel companions over dinner.MEALS BuffetBreakfast Dinner 


DAY 6 - ANGKOR AND PEAK SNENG VILLAGEThe terracotta-hued walls of Banteay Srei Temple are our reststop today - a red sandstone temple dedicatedto the Hindu God Shiva, whose 10th century delicate carvings of women with lotus flowersare said to havebeen too delicate to have been carved by a man, hence its name, "Citadel of the Women". Deep in the heart ofthe Cambodian countryside, we come face-to-face with the rich Khmer culture, joining a local family in their 80-year-old wooden house on their dragon fruit farm for a Be My Guest lunch of traditional dishes freshly cookedwith locally grown produce. Our interaction with the local Khmer villagers continues as we visit their localschool and chat to some of the children who join us on our rambling through the village to see how they spendtheir day-to-day lives. Enjoy a unique opportunity to learn some of the time-honoured craft traditions such asweaving Cambodia's national hats made from palm leaves, or folding Lotus flowersinto delicate works of art, aCultural Insight. Our in-depth interaction with Cambodia has sadly come to an end. We return to our hotellater and join our Travel Director and fellow expeditioners for a Farewell dinner.MEALS BuffetBreakfast Be My Guest Dining Farewell Dinner 


DAY 7 - DEPART SIEM REAPTransfer to the airport for your onward night.MEALS BuffetBreakfast 

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